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Take back control of your data

Our natural data capture process makes tying together customer tastes, spend and profiles simple.
Powerful algorithms sort, segment and visualise the data back to you in an easy to read fashion, so you know exactly how you’re doing and what the next best actions are.
We help you capture your customer data and put it into the hands of your team, so you can take the key actions that will drive your business forward.

Timbl’s data visualisations and self-service dashboards have helped us unlock value and provide insight on revenue generating opportunities.

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Wait, there’s more...

  • Frictionless experience

    There’s no app download required. Just a phone with internet. Paying the bill should be simple, quick and fun.

  • Fraud protection

    With a complete track of all your payments, your customers and your Servers, you can quickly spot anything that doesn’t look right.

  • Paperless

    We’ll provide both you and the customer with digital receipts.
    No more need to print out any bills.

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